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Blossomforth - Mane pattern remake by krumm33
Blossomforth - Mane pattern remake
This pony is up for auction, and a good amount of the final sale will goto Kaz, she recently lost her mom and I felt I had to help in some way. 

Here is the link to the master auction page Kaz Plush/Etc Charity Masterpost(More Items)

Blossomforth has been sitting on my shelf for awhile now needing a little bit more work on her mane.  I was not going to make another twilight-like pony ever again until I could figure out how to get her mane looking correct.  Finally came up with a pattern that worked, as twilight is one of my favorite ponies it just bugged me to no end not getting her to look right!!!   anywho she's super cute, made entirely with minky.  her hoodie is made with fleece and has cute flower charms on the drawstrings.  To see how she originally looked to compare, go here: Blossomforth! by krumm33

Lets make this an awesome auction!  Here is the ebay link:…?
Bat and Good Ponies by krumm33
Bat and Good Ponies
Both ponies are Jazz, customer wanted her OC as a normal pony and a bat pony.  I couldnt resist the classic angel-devil shoulder thing. 
Jazz the Bat Pony by krumm33
Jazz the Bat Pony
and here is the OC Jazz as her bat pony self.  she turned out great, i love all the zig-zag designs and details.  she took a bit longer than expected, as are all my ponies these days, each one takes longer and longer.
she's made with indigo, jewel and purple minky.  she has 3 blue bats for cutiemarks like flutterbat, you just can't see them due to the wings which are semi-poseable.  all bat pony wings have a piece of thick wire just at the base where the wings connect going into the body, this is for stability and sturdiness, you don't feel it at all because its surrounded with stuffing  :)  she's totally snuggable.
Bat Pony mini plush by krumm33
Bat Pony mini plush
my own design, a mini-baty pony.  she was made way back in the summer many months ago, i was going to keep her but i need a little extra funds for vet bills!
this might be the only pony i get up for a holiday auction, i may get one more up for a surprise, we'll see if i have time to take more pictures.

this little one is made entirely with minky, all the embroidery files were made by me also.  embroidery done with shiny rayon threads.  she's super snuggly and
so much fun, i hate to see her go actually, sigh  :(   but my beardie will appreciate it.

for sale at my etsy shop:…

thank you so much if you place a bid on this cutie!!
Jazz by krumm33
Jazz is a medium custom pony, she and her bat pony self will be traveling and serving with her owner over in iraq come january sometime (still working on the bat pony version).
i just love the colors on her, she's made entirely with indigo, lavendar and jewel minky fabrics.  she is really pretty in person, camera never takes good enough pictures!!!
eyes, cutiemarks and wing detailing are all embroidered with shiny rayon thread.  there are no wires in her wings, she is very snuggly!!

I just wanted to say a big thank you to all who placed commissions with me, and i am very sorry that
i couldnt get them all done in time for christmas, i've never had this happen before.  i am finishing orders
by importance, my last two ponies for the year will be done for a lady that will be heading overseas
for duty in iraq, and she wanted to take her oc ponies with her, i think that is a pretty good way to end the
year, and to me anyway, pretty important that i get her orders done!!!

back in september tolkien, my bearded dragon, went in for his annual checkup.  he had an xray done
and it shown he had an uri (upper respiratroy infection),  he had one of these a few years back. 
we concluded that he never really fully got rid of it, and it re-occured once again. 
this time, it turned into full pneumonia and just last month had to be rushed to an emergency animal
hospital, i was really scared that he wouldnt make it to the next day, that is how hard he was
breathing and it scared me horribly....good thing i did this because he pulled through and is recovering
but it is very slow, and he still has to go in for weekly nebulizer treatments and antibiotics.
some nights he can't sleep well either due to the breathing issues. we are doing all we can for the little guy,
it is very heartbreaking to me because he will probably be the last beardie i ever own, at least for a long time anyhow.
so i am doing everything i can for him because i want him to get rid of this thing for good!

i have been a mental wreck, i am exhausted and every muslce in my body aches from the stress
and i just havnt had the heart and mind to work on as many ponies as i would have liked to.
i finished as many orders i could.  after i finish the above mentioned order i will be taking a break through
christmas and new years, i really really really need it, does me or you no good if i don't have the clarity
to work on pony orders.  i will get back to the orders that were already placed and finish those, but
i'm not so sure i feel like taking anymore new orders after that for awhile.  i am truly burnt out.

i just felt like i owe everyone an explanation as to why things have slowed down.  i am very sorry about this
once again, but tolkien needs all my help and energy.  also, if you have any tips for getting rid of
this nasty infection, please do say something or send me a message, it will be greatly appreciated!!
i've tried just about everything that you are supposed to for a beardie with this, but maybe someone
knows of something new or different. 

i wish all of you the best for christmas and the new year, and thank you for your patience with me and my dragon.

which stallion would you like to see as a plush? 

6 deviants said braeburn
5 deviants said flash sentry
4 deviants said soarin
4 deviants said thunderlane
4 deviants said doughnut joe
3 deviants said big mac
3 deviants said shining armor
2 deviants said uncle orange
1 deviant said gold-n-delicious
1 deviant said red delicious



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